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the Fashion Week beauty essential

Whenever backstage at fashion shows and beauty shoots, we spot workstations overflowing with cult skincare.

In fact, when it comes to achieving that model glow, skin prep is arguably the most important step – and no kit is complete without Weleda’s iconic little green tube of Skin Food Original, which is a must-have in all MUA’s kits.

With certified-natural ingredients, and an uplifting, herbal aroma, Skin Food is a favorite with make-up artists such as Katie Jane Hughes and models including Alexa Chung and a well-being must-have for Victoria Beckham’s models backstage. This cream is so popular that one sells every 16 seconds. It’s so versatile, used for anything from a restorative face mask between shows, to brow-taming balm, or a moisturizer to perfect dry skin, and impart a super-healthy, lit-from-within glow without the need for highlighter, sparkle or shimmer.

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